The ActiViva Advantage

Better support:
When loved ones have difficulty accepting the
need to change homes,
we can help be the 'objective' viewpoint that help ease
their minds and warm
their hearts to readiness.

Better decisions:
Even if you've done your research or a specific residence was recommended, ActiViva helps ensure,
you have indeed,
selected the best available
senior living option.


Looking for the right senior residence?

"Finding the right home and environment for an aging mother is not easy - especially when you're trying to do it from as far away as Germany. ActiViva went above and beyond to help.

They provided plenty of helpful advice and arranged visits to potential homes that fit my mother's care needs, my wishes and the family budget. Within a short period, we had found the perfect place for my mom. And after moving in, Grace (the owner) even took the time to check in personally with my mother to see how she was getting on.

I would recommend ActiViva without hesitation to anyone looking for similar assistance."
Stephen Blanchette

Finding a residence for yourself or a loved one is a journey on its own. It's overwhelming. It's emotional. It can be a welcoming change for some and for others it's difficult. At ActiViva, we know and understand that. That's why we care to listen, share, and find you that special place that will offer you all the comforts of home and more.

Getting Started

The West Island, Montreal and surrounding areas offer a vast array of senior living possibilities. The senior housing industry is evolving to keep up with the increasing number of seniors in our population and the growing needs of their residents. It would be difficult to be in the know of all the options out there and keep abreast of the changes, unless you were directly part of the industry. Therefore, seeking 'on the ball' guidance is important for selecting the best option available to you. And certainly we know that finding the best choice for your mom or dad can be very stressful, not only for them, but for you as well.

With ActiViva, you will acquire insightful information that will save you lots of time and make finding a new home easier on all of you.