The ActiViva Advantage

Better support:
When loved ones have difficulty accepting the
need to change homes,
we can help be the 'objective' viewpoint that help ease
their minds and warm
their hearts to readiness.

Better decisions:
Even if you've done your research or a specific residence was recommended, ActiViva helps ensure,
you have indeed,
selected the best available
senior living option.

Types of Residences

Discover the Next Best Place to be Home

An ActiViva consultant would be happy to assist you in identifying the right Assisted Living communities that suit your particular situation.

Assisted Living
Typically rooms, studio, 2½, 3½, 4½ apartments

These communities vary widely, and it is important to determine, what services are provided by a specific community. The term "Assisted Living" is not a well-defined term and it may change, based on the regulations and interpretations of the management and/or nursing staff providing care to an individual.

Consumers should not equate Assisted Living with "one-on-one care." Assisted Living subscribes to the concept that one or more care givers can provide support services to multiple residents.

The tasks are typically non-medical in nature such as assisting residents with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing toileting, medication reminders or management, and assistance to meals and activities.

Some Assisted Living communities offer much higher levels of care and provide support regarding transfer assistance (getting up out of a chair), or assistance with walking, using the bathroom, and incontinence care.