The ActiViva Advantage

Better support:
When loved ones have difficulty accepting the
need to change homes,
we can help be the 'objective' viewpoint that help ease
their minds and warm
their hearts to readiness.

Better decisions:
Even if you've done your research or a specific residence was recommended, ActiViva helps ensure,
you have indeed,
selected the best available
senior living option.

Types of Residences

Discover the Next Best Place to be Home

You can call upon ActiVIVA Senior Housing Assistance Inc. to assist
you  free -of -charge in determining the options that best meets your
needs.     Call us 514-441-3518.      We are happy to speak with you.

Family Residences (Adult Care Homes)

Those residences of nine persons or less can be interesting for individuals looking for a family-like lifestyle. All services are usually included in the price: meals, laundry, bath aids and medication distribution.

Adult Care Homes offer an individualized approach to meeting a person's unique needs. These homes care for the physically frail and for people with cognitive impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Care for individuals with memory impairments and memory loss is provided by specific Assisted Living communities, many Adult Care Homes, and within Long Term Nursing care facilities.

The factors one must consider when choosing a memory care community or care option are complex.

Long Term Care Facilities

Also known as Nursing Homes, CHLSD, Transitional Care or Rehabilitation Facilities

These communities offer the highest level of care in a non-acute care setting. Skilled nurses are available to provide health care to physically or cognitively impaired individuals. Care in a nursing home may be for a short-term recovery basis or for long-term care.