The ActiViva Advantage

Better support:
When loved ones have difficulty accepting the
need to change homes,
we can help be the 'objective' viewpoint that help ease
their minds and warm
their hearts to readiness.

Better decisions:
Even if you've done your research or a specific residence was recommended, ActiViva helps ensure,
you have indeed,
selected the best available
senior living option.

Message from the Founder

Experience a Quality of Life You Deserve

'It is  truly  rewarding  to be running a company that entails giving
back to the community in some way.   If  executed with the right
attitude,  it's  a  social  service'.  
Grace Machado

I was raised in a culture where respecting your elders is paramount. Therefore, maintaining that forum of thoughtfulness, dignity and respect comes naturally when dealing with our clients.

Often, people at social gatherings say to me, 'Where were you when I was looking for a place for my parent? It would have been so useful to have someone who could explain it all!' Well, we are here...ready to serve you and what's more, our services are absolutely free to you. We like to say our services are priceless!

Each time someone comes to us through a referral. It means a lot to us. It reflects we have earned a client's trust. Let us help you find the senior living community that's right for you. We'll walk you through the transitional process: dealing with emotions, assessing needs and knowing what to look for and preparing you for what to expect. We want to deliver a complete response that will exceed your expectations. That's why when we say it is 'advice you can count on', we mean it.

As the founder, I am directly available to my clients. A leasing director of a large senior's residence said to me, 'You're one of the hardest working individuals I've met and you really care about your clients. You're very involved.' My thought at that moment was 'I need to be's the right thing to do.'

Grace Machado

Grace Machado, ActiViva Founder,
a Seniors Living Facilitator, born & raised in Montreal and mother of three. By combining her excellent management skills with her innate empathy and love for people she is helping mature adults within the community embrace change and live an enhanced quality of life.