The ActiViva Advantage

Better support:
When loved ones have difficulty accepting the
need to change homes,
we can help be the 'objective' viewpoint that help ease
their minds and warm
their hearts to readiness.

Better decisions:
Even if you've done your research or a specific residence was recommended, ActiViva helps ensure,
you have indeed,
selected the best available
senior living option.

Our Services

Knowledge. Experience. Compassion.

ActiViva specializes in helping seniors and their families find the home and care services that best suit their style of living.

We've taken the time to visit residences and acquire a good under-
standing of each one. Whether you're looking for Independent retirement communities, Assisted Living, Memory Care or Long Term nursing care residences, ActiViva provides access to details about the lifestyle environments of the senior living communities, their care services, their prices and their neighborhoods. So be wise, make use of our expertise and remember... our services are 100% free!

Our funding comes from the Quebec private senior housing and care industries. Once we have been successful in finding you the right home, the home of your choice pays ActiViva a referral fee.

Since ActiViva holds no financial interest towards the residences, we can guide you with objectivity without favoring one place above another.
Our goal is to always find a residence which will satisfy your wants and needs.

Emergency, Hospital Discharge, or Short Notice Situations:
Assessing timely information that you can count on is critical.

We will help you at any time weekdays, weekend, morning or evenings.
Call us at 514-441-3518

Relocation...Moving is never easy. Once we have found you a new home, to help make your transition as seamless as possible, we can provide you with names of movers, notaries, real estate agents, accountants and other service referrals.