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Independent Retirement community with services

Typically studio, 2½, 3½, 4½ apts.

These communities offer arrangements that allow for living on one’s own but within the framework of a senior community. These communities offer support services. They often include one or more meals, house-
keeping services and other support such as activities and transportation. Many of these communities are like vacation resorts.

The benefit of this living arrangement is that it negates maintenance of a home, and eliminates many chores that residents may no longer care to do, such as cooking or driving. Management staff generally keeps a watchful eye over residents. There is 24-hour staffing.

Opportunities for social interaction with peers and staff abound. You may still live on your own, but you are not living alone as you may be if you were living in a single family dwelling.

Some Retirement Communities have a separate floor licensed for Assisted Living and Memory Care. This type of housing can satisfy the needs of single senior or certain couples when one of the spouses is less independent.

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